heck of a time registering

Over the past few days I’v tried to create an account, but always got the message that my email was in use + I had failed the captcha thing.
Certain I’ve never registered here, tried with two different email addys, and ailed the robot test every time.

Finally I went to look on reddit, found a thread on something like this problem, and when I tabbed back to the intfiction page it had refreshed to ‘your account has been created.’ Received email confirmation no problem.

Not complaining really, but maybe somethings up with registration? Kind of worried that if I log out, I may not get back in! :neutral_face:

This forum has been active for a good number of years, and runs on a very old server, which can cause problems sometimes. The usual symptom is getting the message “You cannot use search at this time” when searching or using the “View Active Topics” link.

You may have been trying to register when the server was having traffic congestion, though I can’t be sure.

Discussion to upgrade the server has been taking place behind the scenes. We do apologize for the inconvenience!

View Active Topics has always been the way I’ve accessed the forum, but I’ve been getting the “Please try again” message increasingly frequently. And today the Active Topics search hasn’t been available at all.