Header Bar Usage - gblorb file type

Cheers all, happy story-coding!

As with Emilys’ Bronze, I would like to utilize a generalized location “tag”. Like where her’s shows “Great Outdoors”, as well as it showing the players current location. I will not be outputting a zblorb, I will be outputting a gblorb, as is the standard setting of the Inform IDE. If that even matters.

Let me know where I can find more info on this, or a quick example.

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You want this to depend on regions? Or how do you want this tag to be determined?

Sorry Daniel, I’ve probably edited this post 4 times. I think I’ve jumped ahead of myself with this (initial) question. I’m still drilling through tutorials and the like. Got a bit excited.

Finished two already, now chugging through this one:


After which is:

Later, I am certain that I will loop back with more specific questions regarding regions. Until then, I will try to stay out of the “detail trap”. :wink:

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