Having trouble loading javascript story file into the new Parchment release

I changed the default story to my story file (which has been converted from version 5 zcode to javascript), and only get a loading screen. Here’s what I changed it to. The javascript file is in the root of the directory with the Index.html.

I remember getting the same issue on my Inform 6 game.

Which version of Parchment? And what’s the code in your index.html?

https://github.com/curiousdannii/parchment, I git cloned from this address.
This is the script for loading the js file.

Ah, if you cloned the ifcomp branch it doesn’t have .js support yet. If you use the master branch that should work. Or if you load a non-.js file the ifcomp branch should work. .js files are only needed when you intend to distribute the website offline for people to load from their hard drives, which you may not need.

Sorry that it’s a bit messy still.

Even at master branch I have this continual loading screen.

I was on the ZIL group, and a fellow member had no problem loading it on the IFComp evidently, I used the same script except loaded the zcode file instead (noir.z5). Am I perhaps loading the storyfile wrong?

Sorry, it’s really hard to diagnose what’s going wrong from what you’re saying. Are you able to upload it somewhere?

Doh! I just realized that the javascript libraries are a bit up to date compared to the last parchment I used, so I cannot run it off of my computer as is unless I run with a web server. :stuck_out_tongue: So I used the Chrome extension of 200 Ok! web server and no problems after it.


This may have been addressed before, but I am testing the TADS 2 compatibility with Parchment, my game file plays as it is supposed to with TADS Runner, but does not with Parchment. Pressing enter does not seem to work at all with Parchment when running my TADS 2 test game.

TADS support is still pretty experimental. Can you test how the same file works in Gargoyle and Lectrote?

will do :slight_smile: