Having a " try looking " after restoring the game


Its seems that :

Report restoring the game : try looking.

doesn’t work (“After restoring” doesn’t compile at all because this is an out of the world action)

Does someone know how to make the game automatically print the room’s description, after the player restores ?

A good way is to hijack the response that normally just says “Ok” after you restore.

Looking in the Standard Rules extension, we can see the two possible responses (A and B) the game can print after you try to restore:

The restore the game rule translates into I6 as "RESTORE_THE_GAME_R" with "Restore failed." (A), "Ok." (B).
So we want to hijack B.

All you have to do is replace it with a say phrase which includes a ‘look’ as well.

The following demo shows the code to do this. Run it, save and reload a game and you’ll see the result. (You can use the same trick, but with the UNDO responses, to have something(s) happen after an UNDO.)


[code]“Save Kitchen”

Kitchen is a room. “It’s pretty savey in the save kitchen.”

restore the game rule response (B) is “[post-restore routine]”;

To say post-restore routine:
say “Ok.”;
try looking;[/code]

Which build do you use ? I’m on 6G60 and there is no

The restore the game rule translates into I6 as "RESTORE_THE_GAME_R" with "Restore failed." (A), "Ok." (B).

in the standard rules, only

The restore the game rule translates into I6 as "RESTORE_THE_GAME_R".

(so your solution doesn’t compile, when I try, but thank you for the answer anyway)

D’oh! Sorry, the built-in responses system comes in after 6G60.

You can use the same approach in 6G60 but you need an extension to get at the responses:

inform7.com/extensions/Ron%20New … index.html

If you download and include this extension, you will find in it a big list of the default messages that you can alter.

Search for the phrase ‘Restoring the game action’ and you will find the same 2 phrases as I labelled A and B. Now you need to change the ‘Ok’ one using the mechanism of this extension. Which I forget what it is, it’s been awhile : ) (just check the docs - one thing I do remember is, it’s not hard) You may just need to change the text in the extension itself. But overall, this is the same trick I described before.


It works :slight_smile: thank you very much !