Have to click mouse to place the cursor on the game window in Itch to play

Hey All–

My game starts with the cover image and a “PRESS ANY KEY” prompt. I just realized that when you open the “run game” window for online play in Itch, you have to actually click on the window and place the cursor there in order to press any key and start the game.

Is this normal? I’ve played quite a few games on Itch and never noticed this. Is there anything I can do about it so that it’s ready to go without having to click on the screen? Or will everybody know about it? Yet another weird problem.

It’s normal, but a lot of (non-IF) web games start with a “click here to start” button so you don’t think about it.

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Whew. Glad to hear it’s normal. I’ll add a “click here and then press any key”.