Has anyone done anything with Curveship since it's release?

I find the idea of interactive fiction written in Python to be interesting and have been watching curveship on and off since it was released. Has anyone done anything with it? It was a bit niche with its narrative research focus but the world model paired with it looked interesting.

I recently started playing around with it again lately and noticed that the files are fairly well documented with doc strings. Python comes with Pydoc installed as one of the base packages, so you can generate documentation from those strings at the command line at any time. In case anyone was interested, I converted them to PDFs and attached them to this post. As per the ISC license, I’ve kept a copy of the original license notice alongside the documentation files.

The docs I’ve found most useful for trying to learn how to write for Curveship have been the docs for the command_map and the item_model. The first describes all of the builtin verbs, while the second describes the builtin item properties.
Curveship.zip (883 KB)