For any of ye landlubbers who may have forgottten, today be National Talk Like a Pirate Day. So shiver me timbers, h’ist the yardarm and keelhaul the cook! And lest any of ye sojers ferget, it was a pirate who first forced us to enter the maze in Adventure! Harrr, me hearties!

Robert Rothman

My contribution to this most august holiday is to point out the PERHAPSHALF cheat in Treasures of a Slavers Kingdom, which breaks a lot of game logic by letting you PARLEY WITH GUNWAR from the earliest points in the game :slight_smile:

I wrote a game, Pirate Railroad, in honour of this year’s Talk Like a Pirate day. It’s been uploaded to the IF archive, but doesn’t seem to be available yet, except at this page:


It’s currently sat in the “unprocessed” directory:

ifarchive.org/indexes/if-archive … essed.html

It’ll move to a final home in the next few days, when a maintainer gets around to moving it.

Great! Thanks for the info.

I played it last night. I survived the pirates and got the wench! Harrr!

Robert Rothman

Awesome! Thanks for playing!

I played it a couple times to get all the endings. Nicely done.

Thanks. I’m honoured! (Although, as I am aware of only one ending, it’s possible that we are not talking about the same game!)

Well, I answered “yes” to the final question on the first playthrough and “no” the second. Do these count as different endings? A deep philosophical question.