Harlowe engine bug - "TypeError: i.toSource is not a function"

hey all, i’m very new at twine, so i’m sorry if this something super obvious, but i keep getting the following error:

Sorry to interrupt, but this page’s code has gotten itself into a mess.
TypeError: i.toSource is not a function
at Object.y
at HTMLElement.
at Function.each
at he.fn.init.each
at c
at Object.renderInto
at u
at Object.goToPassage
at HTMLElement.
at HTMLElement.dispatch
(This is probably due to a bug in Harlowe’s game engine.)

i’ve tried copying each passage into a new project manually and it keeps happening. any idea what might be causing this? any idea how to fix it?

Would you be willing to give us access to the current contents of your Twine project, so that we can debug it. That error could be causes by something contained within one of your project’s Passages.

Also. What browser did you receive that error in? That could be related to the issue.