Handling TREASURE objects in TADS3

I’m trying to figure out the right information and methods for handling objects that are considered to be treasures. In the game RUINS, I found the following information:

class Treasure: Thing

Can someone tell me how they are used. I didn’t have much luck searching the TADS3 user manuals.


That’s not one of TADS’s standard classes, so you won’t find any information in TADS documentation. The code

class Treasure: Thing ... ; means that this class is a new class based on Thing and is created right there. From a quick look it seems, that culturalValue is used for scoring and photographedInSitu mainly for variation of messages. Action a check phases are specialized for dobjFor Take, PutIn and Photograph. Apart from that its an ordinary Thing.

What you probably want is the Achievement class. This provides various ways of keeping score.