Handbook Updated

I’ve updated The Inform 7 Handbook from 1.0 to version 1.9b. The new edition can be downloaded from www.musicwords.net/if/i7hb.htm. It has more than 60 pages of new material, including lots of code details and ideas. (Also a few new graphics, just for fun.)

If you spot errors or have suggestions for improvements, please email me! (A good address is midiguru23@gmail.com.) I don’t plan to finalize version 2.0 until after the next official release of Inform, so we may have another month or two to fine-tune it.

I figured I should upload the current version now, rather than wait, because maybe there’s something in there that someone can use. Hope so.

–Jim Aikin

That’s quite handy,

I wish I had read it earlier, lol.

Also gave me an idea for the prop() routine in i7 Writer.

Nice Handbook, earns my Seal of Approval.