Halloween Zeen 2017

It’s October so the second edition of HALLOWEEN ZEEN is here! It’s a free PDF of spooky/macabre/uncanny/bone-thrilling/blood-startling art and writing etc. compiled by and for people who will be dead someday!

This year’s Zeen has a weirdly high percentage of content from IF luminaries, including Caleb Wilson, Chandler “Michael” Groover, Nate Edwards, and Emily Boegheim. Plus content from people who are not from the IF scene but are very talented nonetheless and who also will be dead someday!

Check it out while you still can!

To be clear, when you say “while you still can” do you mean “Because the page is going to get taken down sometime in the foreseeable future” or “Because you’re going to die someday”?

Thanks for doing this Ryan!