Half-Finished Game: Need Programmer


I posted on this forum a few months ago looking for a programmer for my game, Gigantomania. Since then I’ve been working with one, and the game is about half done.

However, he became busy with work, and now I need someone to help me finish programming the game.

All the writing is done, and programming is done for half the game. I’m interested in entering this game for IFComp, so I need someone who can help me finish the game quickly.

If you’re interested, please contact me.

Thank you. :smiley:

You probably should mention what language it is written in. Very few (if any) people are well versed in all IF programming languages.

It’s in Inform, and it’s also quite simple, as the storyline is very linear. And I’m very very interested in finishing it in time for IFComp.

As a non-programmer, I’d like to encourage you to try to learn how to implement a game using one of the several systems that the IF community has developed. You don’t have to be a real programmer in order to learn the syntax of an IF language. It’s not easy, and I’m not claiming to have become an expert with any of the systems, myself, but I think if a non-programmer is determined enough, he can put a game together. Basically, if you know how to use the out-of-the-box features of an IF system, you can implement your game ideas as long as you don’t try to do anything that requires original programming. If a certain feature is essential to your game, choose a system that allows you to include that feature to your specifications using built-in functionality or extensions by other users.

You might want to learn a system like Inform 7 or ADRIFT, both of which prevent the game designer from the necessity of working with cryptic computer code. I’m sure you already know about Inform 7’s natural language and ADRIFT’s graphical user interface. Another thing to consider would be to use a simpler IF language that lets you use implement basic games without worrying about advanced features, like ALAN, or maybe Hugo, or ADRIFT (again).

For now, though, I hope you’ll find a programmer partner in order to finish your game for the comp. By the way, I hope I didn’t come across too snobishly, or anything. I can’t really program at all, and I’ve probably gotten stuck with code-related issues on most of my aborted WIPs. Hmm… maybe I should look for a programmer to collaborate with, too. :wink:


As of today I haven’t received any offers for help. I’m still very very very much interested in finishing this game for IFComp, and with the deadline coming closer I am starting to panic.

I tried to write the rest, like what Bainespal said, but I got stuck multiple times within ten minutes. I don’t think I can finish the game on my own before IFComp.

The game has very simple mechanics, so I do not think it will take long to finish it. So please, if anyone has any expertise with Inform 7 at all, please please reply or PM me as soon as possible.

Thank you.

I’m afraid I only started reading this forum recently, so this advice is not very timely, but…

Just giving the name of your game is probably not going to interest someone enough to work with you. What is your game about? What is the mood like? What makes it special and worthwhile? Providing at least a two or three sentence summary may bring in someone who will share your passion and excitement. With only a name, you’re not likely to intrigue people enough to volunteer to spend (hours, days, weeks, maybe months) on your game.

The OP did post details on a previous thread.

At any rate, to save further confusion - the OP has gotten help, she must have forgotten to post about it. :slight_smile: The project is, in fact, pretty complete, AFAIK.

Yes indeed! IFComp 2010, here we come!

Hooray! I’m glad to hear it!