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Hey Y’all!

So yeah. I wanted to start using the hal.tracks audio thingy for a more systematic approach, since im going to use both music and sound effects in my story.

And I did everything the install page asked of me. 1. copying the js-code into java script 2. the css code into the stylesheet. 3. creating special passage Hal.tracks 4. Creating a first song in Hal.tracks with the name: “main” and of course the link of the song after as it is shown. 5 adding the “main” in the first passage like this

(track: ‘main’, ‘loop’, true)
(track: ‘main’, ‘playwhenpossible’)

But all I get are these errors: 1. Error in A.track() → see the console for more information.
2. Error in the (track:) macro: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘playWhenPossible’)

So what is going on?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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hahaha so stupid. It was the big letter in Hal.tracks. It should be hal.tracks…