Hadean Lands: unable to recall known binding...

Is this a game glitch, or am I misunderstanding? It appears I can no longer progress without orichalcum, and I can’t get to it because I cannot create the planetary lens. When I ‘recall rituals’ the binding of the Celestial Sphere is listed, but if I use recall binding of the celestial sphere the message is that I don’t know any such ritual. I have tried the ritual multiple times in differing rooms, always with same outcome. It appears I cannot go further without completing that step. I don’t recall where I found the message for that binding and I am afraid I have no choice but to reset, which I have avoided thus far. Did I miss something or leave out something which results in my not ‘recalling’ the binding, thus being unable to perform the ritual?? Thanks for any assist.

Seems like a glitch. A bit of experimentation says that the game recognizes

say binding of celestial sphere

but not

say binding of the celestial sphere

which seems unreasonably picky, especially considering it’s listed with the “the” in printouts.

As a general tip, the game seems much friendlier to abbreviations than to verbosity; for instance this works fine:

say binding celestial

But I’m surprised that including the noise word doesn’t work.

When I wrote the game, I thought that the I7 parser always skipped “the” in noun phrases, and I didn’t write test cases to check that assumption.

Obviously, that was wrong. I will eventually come up with a parser hack to fix this, but in the current version of the game, you’re best off not typing “the” in inputs.