Hadean Lands Pledge

Hail to all Players of the Alchemistical Game!

I’ve just bought HADEAN LANDS from Steam. As always, I plan to play it as far as I can, to the best of my abilities and to the edge of my frustration.

While I was browsing the similar games category, I came upon the Hadean Pledge. Apparently, you can buy the game for 11 euros, and then choose to pay an extra 31 euros for a printable document/contract wherein you vow to complete Hadean Lands without hints.

Thats almost three times the price of the game itself. So somebody who buys and downloads and prints and hangs it on her wall is going for major bragging rights. And rightfully so.

Are there any of you who have gone so far as to oblige themselves to solving Hadean Lands without any hints, with the danger of having that oath staring you in the eyes( supposing you hanged(sic) it on your wall) if you should glance at a hint?


I have the game on my iphone and ipad. I haven’t used any hints yet but I am still a long way from a solution. Zarf’s games are a very good value considering the enjoyment and large environments.

ha, that’s hilarious!

I haven’t used hints yet, but I’m pretty sure I have a ways to go. I’ve revealed most of the map, but there are six rituals I haven’t performed.

Haven’t bought the oath. I suppose this is cheating but I think I’d only buy after completing without hints. Which I still hope to do!

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At that point, I think that counts as a certificate of achievement :wink:


Hehe, well the game’s price has come down over time, but I can see a point of view where, if I was the author, I wouldn’t let myself ever reduce the price of the achievement certificate. It might come across as an insult of sorts to people who already bought one.


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I did get to the end of the game without hints, but I then found out that I had missed some optional things. That’s ok, though. I didn’t buy the pledge certificate anyway.

Let’s be clear – the primary point of the certificate DLC was laughs. The secondary point was in case somebody wanted to donate what HL would have cost in the 1980s, over and above what it costs today. Whether you take the pledge seriously is entirely your decision.

I’ve sold a handful over the years and it got some laughs, so mission accomplished.


It also got some attention from a bunch of the bigger gaming sites, as I recall - which was awesome for me since I was going through a bout of being less engaged with IF when it came out, so without those “get a load of this” write ups I probably wouldn’t have played it until much later!