Hadean Lands:Is it possible to get into an unwinnable state?

I’m in what I guess is probably the early side of the mid-game. And am finding myself
incredibly stuck. I don’t want to ask for a full hint-hint yet.

But I’m at the point where I’m considering restarting from scratch to see if I missed
something. Being in the mid-game, it’s clear now that reset doesn’t reset everything.For example, my perspective on the crew sticks across resets as does the fact thatPneuma is workiingand heck, I’m even resetting in a new location now.Given that, it begs the question: is it possible for me to get myself into a no-win state
in this game? Where the only chance I have of finishing is by going back to some prior
save states?

Did Plotkin make that clear at some point? Or is that supposed to be an open questionas I play?

(You should probably mention you’re talking about Hadean Lands here!)

No, there are no unwinnable states.

There is one minor optional goal that you can possibly lock yourself out of, late in the game. (I did not intend this, but I flubbed the logic.) It’s not a situation of being stuck, and you haven’t reached that point anyhow.

so, weird. I thought I responded to the hint thread. But then afterwards, i noticed that it was an old
hint thread. Maybe my message became it’s own thread because that thread got locked? Or something.

In any event, thanks for the reply.

BTW, you straight murdered it with hL.
For me, it’s just been pitch perfect in every aspect.