Hadean Lands is awaiting App Store approval

Many of you will have seen this (either as a Kickstarter update or a Planet-IF post) but I’ll announce it here too…

Last night I submitted the Hadean Lands iOS app for App Store approval. (And also uploaded it to the Itch.IO and Humble distribution platforms.)

This will be a simultaneous release on all platforms. So we’re now at Apple’s mercy – not an unfamiliar feeling for modern game developers. According to the charts, the iOS approval process is currently running about eleven days. (I’m used to five or six days, but I figure they’re swamped with app updates for iOS8 and the newest phones.)

I am targetting October 30 as the launch day. If approval goes on schedule, I will make it available through all channels then. (It will be US$5 everywhere.)

In the meantime, you can take a gander at the Hadean Lands web site: hadeanlands.com/

This is fantastic. “Windows version”, heh? So there will not be a raw file Glulx version, and instead you’ve made sure there’s a specific interpreter for every platform to ensure it plays as envisioned everywhere instead of being at the mercy of interpreters? Cool move.

I’ll want to get the Windows version AND the iOS version. I suppose I’ll have to pay for both? I’m quite happy with that, I just want to make sure.


See my blog posts for further details: gameshelf.jmac.org/2014/09/zarfp … eta-stage/

That’s a beautiful sentence to read. :slight_smile: Congratulations. Looking forward to playing the game and being stuck on a puzzle for about a year or more. :wink:

Excellent news. Congratulations!

I hope the game gets the reception it deserves.

Not all platforms. I see no mention of Windows Phone or Android, for example.

All platforms listed above.

::drum roll…::

Oct 30th launch date is confirmed. One minute after midnight, Eastern time.

One silly question: will it be available worldwide?


Except that you said "All platforms, not “All the above platforms”. Nice bait and switch attempt of your statement, though.

No one implements their game on all platforms. His meaning was clear enough.

Yes, you have sussed my malefic plan to get every Windows Phone user to buy a game without realizing that there is no Windows Phone Glulx interpreter.

(There goes my Nobel Beet^H^H^H^H Videogame Prize.)

Actually I have no idea what the Windows Phone situation is. Anyone know?

The Android situation is this: there is no supported Android Glulx interpreter at this moment. But, as noted in a different thread (https://intfiction.org/t/suggestions-for-the-game-of-the-month-september-06/74/1), Ben Collins-Sussman has posted a work build of the bleeding-edge Twisty repository (bitbucket.org/sussman/twisty/downloads). It does not work for all Glulx games, but it seems to work for HL.

Well, uh
there is one interpreter for Windows Phone called “frotz.net” but it only plays z-code files and it seems to be rather buggy …


Everyone should know at this very second that HL is out and ready for purchasing.

A windows phone glulx terp could be culled together from fyrevm.

::drum roll finishes!::

Congratulations and hooray!

Current status:

HL can now be purchased through the iOS App Store and Itch.IO, but not through the Humble Store. The Humble people seem to have configured my page wrong. Will post when I know more.

(Also, I’ve sent out the Itch.IO download codes and some of the iOS gifts, but not the Humble download codes.)

All (working) links are on hadeanlands.com/ .

Okay, it’s all working now. All keys have been sent and you can buy the thing however you like.