Gun Mute: Test my Beta

Hardy cowboys wanted to beta test this TADS 3 IF shoot-em-up, mainly based on simple combat puzzles and quirky sci-fi characters. Post here, or send me a PM or email if interested…

I’ll give it a gander.

I’m a whore when it comes to testing things. :frowning: Where do I sign? :smiley:

Cool. Hopefully you can hold on for a day or two, I haven’t had time to work on George’s suggestions yet. I’ll PM you with a download link when version 2 is ready…


Well this game now has an official release here. It’s already been featured on a couple of fair-sized blogs, to my great surprise.

I also posted an announcement on r.g.i.f. Given that this post contained some possibly misleading information, I’d like to reiterate my utter hatred for Usenet in all its non-modifiableness.