Guilded Youth (did I install everything correctly?)

As the title indicates I’m new to this sort of thing. :blush: I’m playing Guilded Youth and am wondering if this is a bug.

You can see what you’re carrying in the left column, and your current party members in the right column.

Problem is I can’t see any columns. :cry: I’m playing Guilded Youth using a software called Window Frotz. Should I download some other software?

Nesxt problem: how do I recruit people on the BBS? :confused:

Guilded Youth is really designed to work best in a browser format. (It makes heavy use of Vorple, a new and exciting tool that allows heavy use of fancy web effects.) Playing it in Frotz is possible, but it’s awkward and you’ll miss a lot of the experience; better to play it in a browser.

As for recruiting:

The first time that you log in, you won’t be able to recruit anybody. Later, once you’ve got some loot, you can recruit people by showing it to them. But not everybody can be recruited at any given time.

Thanks :exclamation: So here I am installing all those terps and gizmos and it turns out this thing runs best on the good old web :unamused:

Can anyone recommend an easy game for a casual gamer :question:

You’ll probably find some very fitting stuff on this list :slight_smile:

One room games and story based tend to be the easiest in terms of puzzles. You may also want to check out these polls too. You can also find puzzleless games here. Enjoy!!

Hope this helps.

What about Photopia? One of the original “puzzleless” games - I would say it does have a couple puzzles, but figuring them out mostly takes minutes, not hours or days…!

Guilded Youth might not even be a bad place to start if you can play it on the web. (If the beginning with the BBS system is confusing, just do the commands you can do – “EXAMINE” the other people, mostly, or “LOOK” or “WAIT” – until that scene is over, and then the game will give you pretty strong hints as to what to do.)