Guide to Inform 6 to Inform 7 import or conversion

(I tried searching for a related thread, but Search doesn’t seem to be working. I also searched for “import” in the I7 documentation.)

I played around a lot with I6, converting an ancient adventure I’d written in BASIC and starting another. This was about 10 years ago; as I recall, I7 was just rolling out.

Well . . . I recently retired, and thought I’d finally get around to finishing old gaming projects.

I installed Wine in my Linux system, downloaded Inform 7 for XP, and got it running.

I was hoping to find an Import feature, for converting I6 to I7 files . . . no dice!

Is there a FAQ or conversion guide available? Or am I missing an option or extension for working with I6 files?

Thanks in advice for any suggestions, and apologies if this is a common subject whose answer I’ve over looked.


STefan Jones

There’s a Linux version of inform7 you can run natively. You don’t need to run it through wine. (You should probably run the native Linux version in Linux)

I think most “conversions” are a slow matter. There’s no auto-conversions.

I’m not sure how deeply you looked into I6 and I7, but these are two completely different languages. (Graham Nelson has expressed regrets about naming Inform 7 the way he did, because it suggests merely a new version of the language, whereas it is in fact a wholly different language.) Now I7 does get translated into I6, although the resulting I6 code does not look like code written by a human. Reverse translation is really only possible by hand.

Of course, I6 is still available; it might be easiest to just finish your game in the language you started out with!

Thank you for the feedback.

I looked into running I7 on Linux itself, but the latest distribution for Fedora was for FC22, and read that there were difficulties running it in later versions.

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I’ll look into installing I6. I really had no problem with it, and OK with the coding aspect. As long as there are people willing to help me through item implementations I’d be happy with that! (Maybe I can finally fix that damn coffee maker . . .)

Thanks again,