Guess the IFComp 2023 game!

… by a line early on in the game!
I’ll try to get lines that summarise the game without giving it away completely, if I can! (Oh, and post here with spoilers if you have any yourself.)

  1. Even today. Here and now. In this moderately priced Chinese restaurant.

  2. Sally was a “mermaid” he once fell in love with whilst we were stranded in the Florida mangroves at low tide. Nobody had the heart to tell him she was actually a sea-cow.

  3. I know how to heat up Costco cheese fries in the microwave. […] With a little help from the fraternity exam files I keep my GPA above a two-point-five.

  4. “Reach to high, and that happens,” the rock star says besides me.


Cool idea! 4 is We Fall Together; don’t think I’ve come across the others yet.


#3 is Paintball Wizard. It’s a good example. I remembered it immediately!

I guessed that #2 was an entry I hadn’t played yet, but I guessed the wrong one. Still, I’m glad to have a poke after a few days dragging my feet on reviews. And I’m having fun.


#1 is Dick


Now I’m imagining a similar game where I post a sequence of commands (without their outputs) and see if anyone can guess the game…

Brb, gotta do this now.


#2 is To Sea in a Sieve!

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