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With Spring Thing coming up in a month, I put up a review blog for all the games I’ll play during 2022. I’ve already posted my review of Past Present since it was the first comp game of 2022 for the Winter TADS Jam. I don’t expect to have anything deep or insightful to say, but hopefully, some people will enjoy reading them.

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Thanks for the wonderful review of Past Present!

It’s a sad story that I hope is not taken from the author’s life.

It’s not, but some inspiration was drawn from personal experience.

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It felt like a very personal game. Thanks for writing it.

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This game looks very promising. I’m glad this post drew my attention to it.

I had to go via itch to download it. The direct link for downloading the TADS-file from IFDB is broken.

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I tried the links and they’re all working for me. Do you recall which specific link was giving you trouble?

The uppermost of the three links, titled TADS 3 Story File.

I just tried it again and it says that the site cannot be found and to check for a spelling error in (Which works just fine if I click on the link I just created in this post.)

Weird! It works for me in both Firefox and Safari. I wonder if it’s a browser issue. Does the link work?

I just tried the top 3 links on Chrome, and all 3 downloads work. The one from the website and are fine. And the one you need to download from the itch page, which also works.

I was going to chalk it up to the browser (Microsoft Edge here) but I just tried again and it worked!

No idea what caused the problem before.

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I’ve gone and posted six reviews up on for Spring Thing 2022.

  1. Bigfoot Bluff
  2. The Legend of Horse Girl
  3. Fairest
  4. Hinterlands: Marooned!
  5. Tours Roust Torus
  6. Bright Blue Ball

They’re all parser games, and I struggled with some of these. There were not a lot of walkthroughs this year. If any of the authors are interested, I have most of these transcripts.


Thank ye kindly for the lovely review (and for generally being helpful and awesome with testing)! It takes a lot of time and effort to write these, and it is appreciated.