Group for SpringThing 2022?


I stumbled across the groups page recently, and noticed that there wasn’t a visible group for SpringThing 2021, and am curious if one will be made for SpringThing 2022? Are the groups sort of like private subforums on the main forum?

Per forum history that I’ve experienced, Spring Thing discussion usually doesn’t get high traffic and lives in the Spring Thing category. This is due to a smaller number of entries. I did make a private forum for authors one year and there wasn’t much activity.

That said, let me make a Spring Thing 2022 group so people set that as their title in profile preferences…

Participants can @springthing-2022 to notify all other group members in public or private messages.

I’ve also made a #springthing-2022 tag for posts.


The authors of IFComp have in the past talked a lot, so we’ve made a private sub category for them. We did try a private sub category for ST authors once. Now that the forum uses this software the group for authors lets them have private group messages. But if the volume of discussion increases a lot we could make a private sub category again.


If you join the group with an existing tag, it may not change automatically. You can change or remove your title under profile preferences (the gear).