Gris et Jaune - Post Comp

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the comp’!

I think I’ve found most of the reviews to be found, and they’re all very consistent with regards to the problems in Gris et Jaune. I’d like to do a post-comp version to address them, and I need your help!

If any of you are in the habit of saving transcripts of the games you played, I’d really love if you could send them on over to me. Commented or not, it’s usually pretty easy to tell when the player starts to get frustrated or bogged down. Any additional comments (either privately or here) would also be greatly appreciated.

The problems with the game structure after leaving the house definitely means that the revision will have to be more than bug and typo fixes, but I have a fairly good idea of how I want to change things.

If you have anything that could help me, please send it to



(Mike, I’m not sure if this should be here or in the Betatesting forum)

I haven’t played the comp version yet, but I’ve gotten over my annoyance and would be happy to betatest the post-comp version when you’re ready.

My annoyance, you ask? Well, when I read that Gris et Jaune was about zombis (as opposed to zombies), I had to kick myself for not having started working on one of the game ideas I’d been kicking around, to be set in Haiti and starring a zombi PC. Now I’ll have to wait 10 years for the idea to seem fresh again…!