Graphics Disappeared

I have a bit of a problem – I installed a jpg file to be shown at startup. All was fine until I deleted a few excess lines (none of which referred to the graphic) Now it is gone and I don’t seem to have anyway of bringing it back! Am I the only one in this waste land?

BTW As relating to the general posts relating to the difficulties of using IF7 - I wrote my first program in about 1961 and Inform has the steepest learning curve of any I have used. And that includes languages such as ADA, COBOL and several machine level languages.

Any any suggestions will be appreciated.


Do you remember what the lines were on? Do you still have a copy of the code you deleted? If you set up a simple test game with the graphics code, does it display? Are you able to add your own code until you see what goes away?

All of the above. Fortunately, one thing I have learned over 50 years of programming is to always backup before making any significant changes. :unamused:

Great! If you posted some/all of those things, then it might be clearer what’s happening. Unfortunately, “this doesn’t work” is pretty hard to debug without a little more background.

(If you encase them in the code tags, then we can see your tabs and copy them to test.)

Agree. I have been an occasional programmer going back many years (Basic, COBOL, Fortran, Pascal, C++, Actor…) and Inform7 can be tricky. I strongly recommend Aaron Reed’s book “Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform7.” I think the hardest part is that there’s no clear reference documentation. Luckily, people are pretty friendly on the forums and there are some good articles and resources out there.