Grammar and spoken language checker needed.

Hello all,
Last december I released my first IF game, called Beached! (part 1). It did well on the IF forums and received a lot of feedback.
Beached! is the first in a series of games and it was a tryout to see if I could actually program an IF game from scratch.
Since my native language is Dutch and my English is not sufficient enough to write a proper IF game for all to enjoy, I need help.

Beached! (part 2) is in development. The scenario has been written but I need someone to check the story line for grammar and spelling errors and turn it into proper spoken language.
Even though it’s IF, the amount of text is not overwhelming. I’m not looking for a co-writer, but sharing new ideas on the scenario or puzzles is always appreciated.

If you’re interested, play beached! (part 1) as a reference to the amount of text and the grammar problems.
Please help make Beached! (Part 2) a full-grown game!


Screenshot Beached! (Part 1)…

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Hi Ewald,

I’m not sure if you’re still looking for someone to help you proofread your games, but I would be more than happy to do so. If you’d like, I could also explain to you the reasons why a particular correction is needed in order to help you in future projects. I was a teacher for five years and had excellent English teachers in high school and college prior to that. Otherwise, if you’d rather I merely fix the grammatical and spelling errors, I am okay with that too.

In exchange, I might ask you for development help in the future. I am still quite new to the world of IF development and could use some advice every so often on more efficient methods to achieve what I want to accomplish.

Let me know,

It seems I have found the right person to help make Beached! (part 2) a great game.
Thx for reading this topic, I’m closing it now.