Graham's Inform 7 talk from NarraScope this weekend

Graham spoke at NarraScope about where he is going with Inform 7, and in particular progress towards open-sourcing the system. The slides and notes are now available here:


Excellent read! Thanks for sharing this. It’s really cool to see where Graham’s head is at in terms of the future and that future looks quite exciting.


About Alemic Petrovsky and Dumb Frotz; I haven’t seen any trace of him since he ported V6 semi-support from Dumb Frotz to Curses Frotz. He also seems to have changed his first name very frequently, particularly in relation to other work.

I just noticed that the Inform 7 Uservoice site has been deleted. Did anyone get a backup of its data first?

Moving to Github makes me happy. I don’t think there’d be too many users for it to be unwieldy. Let me know if you’d like to make use of the namespace/organisation.

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