graham nelsons standard rules

i just updated to 6m62 and got a weird error message:

In Part SR1 - The Physical World Model, Section SR1/2 - Rooms in the extension Standard Rules by Graham Nelson:
Problem. In the sentence ‘Definition’ , I was expecting to read a description of values, but instead found some text that I couldn’t understand - ‘room which is adjacent to the current space’.
I was trying to match this phrase:

a/-- random (room which is adjacent to the current space - description of values)
But I didn’t recognise ‘room which is adjacent to the current space’.

Because of this problem, the source could not be translated into a working game. (Correct the source text to remove the difficulty and click on Go once again.)

i really do not know how i should edit the basic rules. does anyone here have an advice for this?

thank you and lg, stefan

You don’t want to edit the standard rules for this. The quoted line isn’t from the standard rules anyway – it’s from your code.

You probably have to reword that part of your code, although I can’t tell from that exactly how.

The problem is almost certainly in your code, not in the Standard Rules. Have you, for example, used the word “adjacent” anywhere? Or the word “space”?

It looks as though the quoted line comes from one of the examples in the documentation, like “Mistress of Animals” or “Swerve Left? Swerve Right? Or just think about it and die?” Have you copied that in somewhere? In particular, “current space” is a variable there, so if you take that line without taking the line that defines “current space” then you’ll get an error.

(Definitely don’t edit the Standard Rules unless you know exactly what you’re doing. That’s how this sort of problem might arise.)

ok, so the error does not lie in the basic ruleset but in some overlapping with my code? i will have a look then… thank you very much!