Graham Nelson, author of Inform, appreciates Github followers

At his NarraScope presentation today, Graham Nelson, the author of Inform, said that he is very much encouraged that hundreds of people have decided to follow him on Github, despite the fact that he has, as yet, no public Github repositories or commits at all.

(He announced at NarraScope 2019 that when he publishes Inform as an open source project, he’ll do it on Github. At his NarraScope 2020 presentation today, he said that he expects it will come “before NarraScope 3…hopefully very much before then.”)

If you’d like to follow Graham on Github, you can do so here; I’m sure he’d appreciate it.


I can currently see the talk on the Narrascope Twitch, at least for now.


The talk should apparently be on Narrascope Twitch for the next fortnight. Likely to also go up on YouTube.

I’m going to watch it later tonight. I was asleep when it was on.