Gots to get my reach on

Hi gang,

My question today is… if you replace the ‘can’t reach inside rooms rule’ with your own, do you have to basically write the rule from the ground up?

See, the 'can’t reach inside rooms rule’s specs aren’t spelled out in the Standard Rules - it just translates directly into an I6 function.

I thought that if I replaced the rule, maybe I’d just be creating exceptions. That’s to say, that it would work as usual, except now it would also pay attention to the code I added, which were some exceptions for actions and rooms where things can be done from afar-er.

But what happened was - I replaced the rule with my own blob of code, and then some things in my game started to fail the basic accessibility test. Like clothes people were wearing, and parts of people… I couldn’t interact with these anymore in game.

How can I rewrite this rule safely? Or should I be doing something like making a new rule and listing it right before it?

Since the reaching inside rules are a rulebook with an outcome, you can create an earlier rule and “rule succeeds with result allow access” or “…deny access”.

Thanks zarf.