Google Forms as IF creation tool

A few libraries have created ‘escape rooms’ using Google Forms, which I thought was a really interesting adaptation of something originally intended for quizzes into a very simple form of choice-based IF. I wrote one myself for my own library; it involves answering a few trivia questions (and one logic puzzle) in the framework of an adventure through a magical mansion and grounds. Thought I’d drop it here in case anyone wanted to give it a try and see what this system looks like:

Just don’t expect something on par with Brain Guzzlers or Zozzled - I wrote this in an afternoon, using a very limited system. It’s a lot harder to work with than Twine or Choicescript, and can’t do as much - about the only advantages are that it requires no use of any sort of code, and that it’s very easy to add pictures.


Very clever! My hat’s off to you.

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Am I bad that I lawnmowered to find the right horse?

Not bad. (for Google) I only saw three typos too.