Goodbye Cruel Squirrel - Extra Mayonnaise

First off, this game contains an alarmingly politically incorrect moment that could be offensive, or maybe it’s no big deal. Hard to tell by myself, but I surely would have avoided it. I don’t want to say exactly what it is, in case that would screw over the author, but I also didn’t want to say nothing, in case that would screw over me. So I’m saying this, and I sent an email to the author with a suggested change. I hope I’m just being paranoid and this will all come to nothing.

And now for a brief review. Goodbye Cruel Squirrel has a time estimate of 1.5 hours, but I was able to pound my way through it in less than half of that, without even resorting to the walkthrough. Some pounding was required, however, to get through some implementation weaknesses, but there was nothing bad enough to stop me in my tracks, which is very good. I can see plenty of novice IF players getting stuck or frustrated, though.

The writing could use a lot of trimming and tightening up, but just call it “chattery” and it works for squirrels just fine. Excellent on the grammar and spelling level. And the story is getting through well enough; there were solid ideas and solid puzzles.

Not everything entirely made sense, e.g., you have trouble working your way through a dense, thorny bush, but later you are able to do it just as well with a potato sack full of acorns in tow.

I have posted a review and transcript here:

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Reviewed by yours truly here.
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