"Good Dog" - fifteen-minute game about a heroic dog who's getting too old to save the world

I’ve just released Good Dog, a short Twine game that you can play for free on itch.io. As you may have heard in the Subject line above, it’s about a heroic dog who’s getting too old to save the world. I hope you enjoy it!

n-n from the IntFiction boards playtested the game and caught some typos (and suggested a larger Continue button, which I agreed was a good idea and incorporated.) Mark Sample, Greyelf, and HiEv helped me get my Mute button working. I also used a number of HiEv and Chapel’s macros to get the game looking the way I wanted.

The Twine Discord also provided technical support and playtesting. Thank you all for your help!


First impression: “Wow, that’s a solid fiction.”
When Solar system appeared: actually laughed.
At the “green thing”: became sad and thought like the dog is killed by master.

But the work is so great, so astonishing, I gave an instant follow to you (name: Sedgwick2K, which is my Game Maker Community username by the way).

I’m glad you enjoyed it - and that the Solar System screen is having its intended effect!

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Very nice game! The background sound and the Solar system are a hoot.

I did have to turn off the security in my browser to get it to run. I use “Brave”.

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