Gold Microphone Podcast: Now offering transcripts

I apologize if this feels like an extra thread, but I did not want to bury accessibility news in a content discussion thread.

Accessibility is a core value for me (and Gold Machine), so I will be releasing transcripts for all episodes of the podcast. Unfortunately, I am doing this on my own with a rather surprising amount of IF activity already on my plate. I wish I could do better, but for now my goal is to publish them within a week of first broadcast.

I will incorporate them in the show notes published on the blog, since I don’t think I can control the RSS stuff once it leaves the host. I will update the name of each listing once the transcript is out.

The listings can be found off of golmac’s main menu, just click on “Gold Microphone”

I apologize for quality issues. This is new for me, and the AI is not especially accurate. If you know people, hearing-impaired or otherwise, that would enjoy this new feature, please pass this news on.


Thanks for doing this! My current life situation makes listening to podcasts very very challenging so I’ve been a bit bummed to be missing these, since I’ve been enjoying your blogging. Looking forward to digging in!