Going "back"

I don’t know if this is the right place to put this.
For umpteenth time now, when I’m playing my IF game I’m making, I will consistently type “cd …” to try and go back a room. It’s gotten so annoying I’ve actually implemented it as a command.

Anyone else do this, or is it just me :frowning:

Heh. That’s actually a neat experience, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: Me, I’ve gotten into the habit of typing “n” instead of “dir /p”…

I don’t believe I’ve heard of anyone else transposing DOS commands into IF, but it’s an interesting idea. I mean, in the right dort of game… “cd…” to go back, and “cd LOCATION” to move… “dir” to list inventory… it’s a thought.

Isn’t there an IF game somewhere where all the commands are DOS commands? I vaguely recall a game like that on IFDB, The IF Archive or somewhere else.

The Endling Archive? That’s the most similar I can find… but it’s just menu-driven.

“Cosmoserve” appears to simulate a BBS system, but I never really got into it.

There are “The Terror of Mecha Godzilla: The True Story” and “The Hobbit: The True Story”, both adventure games written as sets of DOS .bat files.

There is CosmoServe, which contains a simple DOS emulation.

There is advsh, a UNIX command shell that uses IF-like commands.

Dunnet, which is still hidden on your computer if you have a Mac or run Linux (perhaps somewhat less hidden – open the terminal and type “emacs -batch -l dunnet”), has you logging into a UNIX console. And Virtuality has a sequence run from a DOS prompt. Further I cannot say, as that was about when I quit both of those games.

I’ve seen a few games that were based on *nix commands; I played one a while back that was quite fun. I’m actually working on a similar game, off and on. I’ll finish it, but it’ll be a while, heh.
The hardest part about using command line commands is that, well, you’re using command line commands. Your audience will be very, very, very small; “those interested in IF” may be a small category, but “those interested in IF and also fluent in command line” is even smaller. Especially since DOS and *nix commands are so different…

You can’t c:\ that from here.