"Go West" and other Vorple projects

Hi all!

A few weeks ago I finished translating “Go West”, an interactive travelogue of the Canadian Rockies, where I recently moved. It has my own photos as backdrops, and you can explore and learn bits of local knowledge; it also features sounds, and a dozen achievements. It is a parser game but beginner-friendly (very few verbs are needed), and it shouldn’t take more than 2 hours to explore and read it all. You can find it on my itch.io page.

The game was made with Vorple, which allowed the use of multimedia, tooltips, notifications of achievements, and more; definitely check it out if you want to know what Vorple can do. (Or check out the free game Neon Vertex, that I made a while ago.)

I’m continuing working on Vorple code and extensions for future projects. One of my future projects would be to make a game with a very retro presentation, which is very easy to make in Vorple. You can see the interface in this very very short game (you can only do “prendre crane” and “poser crane”).
I’m also working on effects that would help newcomers to know what to do and where to direct their attention. This is not quite ready for release but I have a preliminary mockup that I showed in my latest newsletter (in French).

I hope this gives you ideas for Vorple games and what’s possible to do with Inform !