GNOME-Inform7's Memory Leaks

I have a tiny problem with i7: The program seems to be full of memory leaks.

Every time I type something, it freezes and I have to wait until the letters appear on the screen (The RAM chart on the upper panel reachers the top, also). If I type a lot (More than 10 words), the program freezes. For some reason, when a program uses all my CPU, Ubuntu ‘locks’ it. The window becomes dark, and then returns to normality. But the problem is still there.

I use Gnome-Inform 7 myself, but I don’t have this problem.

The best thing to do would be either to mail Philip Chimento directly, or make a bug report here: … tid=890833

Already emailed him, waiting for a reply.

The leaks are getting worse… I can’t even copypaste without I7 crashing.