glulxe version in IDE?

Hi, how can I find out what version of glulxe is bundled with the Inform IDE (mac)? From what I understand, gargoyle is more up to date than the Inform IDE, Zoom, or Spatterlight?

If the Inform IDE doesn’t use the latest version, is it possible to swap in a more up-to-date version?

I’m curious both for curiosity’s sake, but also because I cloned kerkeruip and saw that it couldn’t play sound while gargoyle can, and I wasn’t sure if the glulxe version had anything to do with that.

It’s not about the glulxe version, but the glk implementation. The Mac IDE uses CocoaGlk, same as Zoom, which is very old and very buggy. Gargoyle is old too, but not as old nor as buggy.

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Browsing around, I see many mentions of how it would be nice to update CocoaGlk, but how there isn’t a lot of developer time. I also see mentions of how it is buggy but I don’t see an actual bug list. I wonder if it would be worthwhile to put CocoaGlk up on github with an issue list so people could at least log some issues and submit some pull requests as the spirit moves them? At least then it wouldn’t feel like a herculean burden on a solitary person to download it and wrestle with it all at once.

Wish I knew C but my career ended up focused more on Java… has a “CocoaGlk” sub-project. That’s the current bug tracking.

The next question is, where’s the current CocoaGlk source code. Unfortunately this is a really good question…

Sounds like isn’t current for some reason? If threads are diverging, sounds like all the better reason to put it up on github. It should be straightforward to at least put the subversion history into that and then let people bring it up to date with whatever enhancements they’ve already done. I could volunteer to move the svn history to git and create the repository, but I’d need someone other than me to also (or instead) be admin since I shouldn’t be trusted with accepting pull requests (since I have no C experience).

Hey, that’s one more version than I knew about!

Yes, it should be cloned to github, if only because github is where people look for open-source projects. Whether anybody is going to take over accepting updates is another question. Don’t wait on that.

Thanks for the encouragement, I was unsure. I put it up on github, thread here: