Glulx text styles by daniel stelzer not working

Glulx text styles keeps popping up an error about there already being a table of user styles, because for some reason my project is trying to use glulx text effects by Emily short. How can I fix this? I did not include glulx text effects.

could you comment out your inclusion of glulx text styles and add this to your code:

when play begins: say "[complete list of extension credits]".

and let us know what it says? You probably included an extension that includes Glulx Text Effects.

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The extensions I have are: image centering, basic screen effects, locksmith, multiple sounds, and trying to have text styles work. I am using all of those pretty extensively, especially image centering and screen effects.

An alternative Option would be to just hide the status line, but I don’t know how to do that either.

Glulx Image Centering includes Glulx Text Effects.

Oof. Guess I gotta deal with uncentered images

This is the whole of the code to Glulx Image Centering. Possibly you just need to replace the Table of User Styles entry at the top there in a way consistent with what Glulx Text Styles needs and add the rest of the code to your program and it’ll work. Worth a shot, at least.

Table of User Styles (continued)
style name  background color    color   first line indentation  fixed width font weight indentation italic  justification   relative size   reversed
special-style-1 --  --  --  --  --  --  --  center-justified    --  --

To display (chosen figure - a figure-name) centered:
    say first custom style; say " ";
    display chosen figure inline;
    say " [line break]";
    say roman type;

To display (chosen figure - a figure-name) inline:
    (- DrawInline({chosen figure}); -)

Include (-
[ DrawInline N;
    glk_image_draw(gg_mainwin, ResourceIDsOfFigures-->N,  imagealign_InlineUp, 0);

That’s good! I am now having a secondary problem where I cannot figure out how to set a custom color in glulx text styles. I have the hex codes for the colors I need, but glulx text styles doesn’t work with hex codes and I cannot figure out how to set a custom color

Either convert it to an integer or port the relevant code involving GTE_ConvertColour from Glulx Text Effects.