Glulx Text Effects - how do you apply styles?

I was looking at the extension Glulx Text Effects by Emily Short.

I just don’t see how to apply the styles I change.
Example B uses this in a text: [second custom style]. But how do you switch back to normal text? And can you switch to the built-in styles?

Is there something like

say "This is normal text. [note style]This is a note[normal style]And this is more normal text";

EDIT: OK, I guess [roman type] is the [normal style] I was looking for. But what’s the note-style?

The only ready-made I7 phrases for invoking these styles are the ones to say roman, italic, and bold type, and fixed vs. variable letter spacing. You need to define the others yourself:

To say header style: (- VM_style(HEADER_VMSTY); -). To say note style: (- VM_style(NOTE_VMSTY); -). To say alert style: (- VM_style(ALERT_VMSTY); -). To say blockquote style: (- VM_style(BLOCKQUOTE_VMSTY); -). To say input style: (- VM_style(INPUT_VMSTY); -).

Nice! Tack, Felix.