Glulx interpreters on retro machines?

Out of curiosity, I was wondering if Glulx interpreters were possible on retro machines (Atari, Commodore…), and if so, if any exist.

I’ve search a bit, but didn’t find anything conclusive.

Not that I know of.

It would be rough going. A one-room I6 game in Glulx is almost 128k; over 16k of that is RAM and can’t be disk-swapped. Every operation is 32-bit math. I wouldn’t expect it to run at a reasonable speed.

The most retro machine I can think of capable of running a Glulx interpreter would be a VAX or an AT&T 3B of some sort.

Thanks for the answers! That’s what I more or less suspected.

A 36-bit mainframe might be able to do it. Given the challenges of getting Frotz to work on the PDP-10, Glulx would be really hard.