Glulx Graphic Windows not Desired Size [With Glimmr]

Hello! I am unsure whether this is specifically a problem to do with Glimmr or something else, so I am putting this topic in the general Inform 7 board; I hope that this is the best place for it.

I am currently programming a game that heavily utilizes all sorts of graphic multimedia, and therefore am making use of the awesome Glimmr framework set of extensions by Erik Temple, as well as Flexible Windows by Jon Ingold for the Glulx windows. (It is important to mention that therefore, out of necessity, I am authoring in the outdated 6F95 build of Inform, since from what I understand Glimmr has not yet been updated to fit with the language overhauls that came with the newer builds.)

However, due to my own lack of experience, I am having some minor issues! Basically, what I am trying to achieve is a single graphics window (where the room backgrounds, character sprites, and other changing elements) will be displayed, played directly above the main window of the game. I want the overall size of the graphical window to be 640 by 480 pixels, because that is the resolution that my artist has drawn the pretty graphics at. As such, (the entirety of) my code concerning the windows in the game is this:

[code]The graphics-window is a graphics g-window spawned by the main-window. The position of the graphics-window is g-placeabove. Every turn: follow the refresh windows rule.

When play begins: open up the graphics-window.

The roomview-canvas is a g-canvas. The associated canvas of the graphics-window is the roomview-canvas. The canvas-width is 640. The canvas-height is 480.[/code]

So far, mostly everything is working! However, here are two screenshots of how the game looks when it is compiled as a .zblorb and running in Gargoyle; the graphics are also resized in this manner when I test the game in the Inform 7 IDE (the screenshots are big, please be careful!):

All of the graphics displayed are squished to less than half their original size. Unfortunately, that is tiny, compared to how they are supposed to look. Other than the resizing, everything works perfectly, which I’m very happy about, but you can’t see the detail my awesome artist put into the artwork, which is very sad. I’m confused as to what’s causing this; I think it must be something in my code since it renders in both the IDE and other interpreters, but I have no idea what.

I have the scaling factor of all in-game assets set to 1.0000. The extensions I currently have included in the project are: Flexible Windows by Jon Ingold, Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing and Glimmr Canvas Animation by Erik Temple, Basic Screen Effects and Menus by Emily Short, and Epistemology by Eric Eve; and my build of Inform 7 is 6F95.

If there is any more information I can offer, please let me know.

Glimmr will work in 6G60 too.

The problem is probably that you haven’t set the graphics-window’s height, so it’s using the default, which I think is 40%.

Dannii; thank you very much!