Glulx Entry Points and deprecations

I was getting four compilation errors when I include Glulx Entry Points. I realized it was because I had the use no deprecated features on. So I know could turn that off but it does seem that core extensions shouldn’t be using deprecated features. What I don’t know is what to do about the issues.

So I guess the question is: how do you go about investigating this stuff?

For example, one of the issues is:

'‘follow the glulx input handling rules for the current glk event’ uses a phrase which is now deprecated: you should rephrase to avoid the need for it. I was trying to match this phrase: current glk event.

The documentation just says that the “current glk event” is “the g-event type last handled.”

The other three errors are about the phrase “input replacement.”

I see a section (“Section - Wrappers for event structure, return values, etc”) in the extension that calls a bunch of stuff deprecated. But it’s not clear what the replacement should be for that which is deprecated.