Glulx Bold and Italic?

How does I7 bold and italic type translate into Glk calls? It doesn’t seem to be the emphasized text style, because that doesn’t specify one or the other. If it isn’t, is the emphasized style unused (and thus open to customization)? I’m trying to find unused styles to repurpose for different text colors.

Italic is rendered as Glk “emphasized”. Bold is rendered as Glk “subheader”.

(Reverse is rendered as Glk “alert”, but this is rarely used.)

This is an area where the Glk spec should have been clearer. I’ll clean it up one day.

Ah, shame. So I won’t be able to repurpose any of those.

Is it possible in Glulx to close and reopen a non-text-grid window, keeping all the text already printed in it?

Nope. Sorry.