GlkTerm and type styles

While testing my game on Glulxe with GlkTerm, I’m encountering an odd effect involving italic type.

Text that looks like this in Gargoyle:

comes out like this:

This is the offending code:

say "[italic type][bracket][item][close bracket][roman type][paragraph break]";

Again, it looks fine in Gargoyle’s version of Glulxe. I tried consulting the Glk specification, but it’s a little over my head… it sounds like rather than the italic type thing that’s built into Inform 7, I should be using Glk’s text styles, but I’m not really clear on how to do that. What do I need to be doing in order to get that text to display in the right position?


The released version of GlkTerm has a massive bug in it when printing single characters. (Yeah, you’d think I’d have noticed that a decade ago, wouldn’t you?) Use the version in source control at .

Hmm, I rebuilt with that version and got the same results.

Try downloading it again and recompiling (again). I forgot to push the changes up to the repository.

Sorry about that.