Glk stylehint() function

I’m working to convert my console-based authoring system into a Glk-based application to achieve portable I/O functionality across different platforms. I ported Emily Short’s Bronze to my system and am now trying to make the text/background colors, status window etc like in the original version, by using the functionality that Glk offers.

I spent quite some time to figure out why the glk_stylehint_set() function didn’t seem to work. I found that in my game’s story window (the main window) there is an options menu with a ‘Stylehints override user settings’ checkbox. After ticking this box, the stylehints are accepted by the window.

Question: is it possible to have this box ticked by default after the glk_window_open() function creates the main window? And can I remove the options menu altogether from the main window? In the original Bronze game the tick box isn’t there.

Other question: When printing text to the glk window, after it reaches the bottom line it displays [more] and continues printing after you hit a key. This is good for normal gameplay, but I also have an input file with user commands for regression testing. I have the complete Bronze walkthrough in there and that produces hundreds of screens. I would want it to run through withhout me having to respond to [more]. Is there a way to turn on and off the [more] thing?

Thanks for reading.

These are both implementation choices of the Glk library that you’re using, not universal Glk features.

When I’m doing regression testing, I use CheapGlk or RemGlk, which don’t do [more] paging.

I should also point out that Quixe/Lectrote don’t support stylehints at all.

Thank you, Zarf.
I just noticed that somehow the tick box setting is remembered. After a rebuild the stylehints still work.
I looked in the registry and there is a GLK Applications key in the HK_CURRENT_USER \ Software section. In this key are a Glk Example key (from your sample program that I compiled), a Glulxe key (from Windows Frotz?) and an XVAN Interpreter key (my interpreter). All of these have a Glk Settings subkey that has a style hints active value, that’s set to 1.
There also is a Notify Full Screen value set to 1, but when I set that to 0, the [more] remains. I’l have to do some more experimenting with it.

There is no CheapGlk version for windows?

CheapGlk is (for the most part) portable C, so it should be possible to compile with it for Windows as well.