Glk 0.7.3 is out

I’ve posted the spec, and also the cheapglk 1.0.2 and glkterm 1.0.2 libraries. And glulxe 0.4.7.

This contains the new sound API. David Kinder has an implementation for Windows, which he will release soon.

Glulxe, cheapglk, and glkterm all have important (if obscure) bug fixes, too.

I have not done a release of GlkOte/Quixe, because they don’t support sound anyhow. Games that test the gestalt_Sound2 selector will work (soundlessly) on the current Quixe release.

I should put together a sound unit test for David to try… not today, I’m afraid.

Are there any I6/I7 sound programming differences as a result of the new glk?

A description of the new I6 Glk calls: … ec-changes

(Actually those are C calls, but the I6 calls will be close parallels.)

A late note: it turns out I forgot one code change necessary for Glulxe to invoke the glk_schannel_play_multi() function. This is now checked into my github repository, but it won’t be in the released Glulxe code until, well, the next release.

If you’re implementing the new sound functionality – and you’re not David Kinder (who’s the one who noticed the problem :slight_smile: – you’ll need to grab the update to make it work.