Glimmr: Installing kinda failed?

I’ve downloaded Glimmr from the project website, but how do I install it? I installed the files with the normal installer, but Inform thinks they’re corrupted (filename doesn’t match extension name) and thus doesn’t want to include them. What can I do?

Hm, I just downloaded the package onto a Mac (OS 10.5.8) and installed all of the files without any problem, using the dialog from the File–>Install Extension dialog. There are at least 3 methods for installing, though–which are you using? Do you have any trouble installing other extensions?

Edited to add: The easiest thing to try might be just copying the .i7x extensions into a directory named “Erik Temple” in your main extensions directory.


I got around it. There was “(for Glulx only)” appended to the filename at some point (maybe even by Inform). However, I simply copied everything to my extensions folder, renamed the files so that they pass the check and installed all the dependencies. However, there is still the question - where do I put the assets folders?

Weird, that sounds like a bug in the IDE, at least if it was added by Inform. You might want to report it.

You can store them anywhere you like, really. When you actually want to include the assets in a project, you should copy the ones you need to the project’s Materials–>Figures folder.

I keep the assets folders in the extensions folder so they’re easy to find. Inform frowns on this a little and puts unhappy icons next to the folder names in the Extensions Index, but I’m happy to ignore it. IDEs other than the OSX one might frown harder on the practice…


522, I’m guessing? If so, it’s been reported and fixed; the install should work in the next release.

That sure looks like the same issue–with a Glimmr extension the proximate cause there, too. Thanks for checking into it!