Glasm (a new assembler to target Glulx)

I made a program “glasm” which is available on npm. It is a Glulx assembler, written in JavaScript. It does not use the same syntax described in section 2.19 of the Glulx specification; read the documentation of glasm for details. Glasm even includes support for macros and many other features. If you have any comments, questions, feature requests, bug reports, complaints, patches, etc, please write them on here.

Documentation page:

Intriguing! However, I’m not sure I’m understanding the syntax properly. Do you have an example game or program written in this assembly language to look at?

There are two. One is GLUZMA (a Z-machine implementation in Glulx). Another much shorter program is the Deadfish implementation in Glulx (although there are some features not used in the Deadfish implementation but that GLUZMA does use).

If you have any more questions (or any suggestions), please ask.

could you put the original code on github? the code on npm seems “compressed”