Giving it to

It seems that unlisting the block giving rule no longer causes “give X to Y” to work properly–the index shows no carry out rules for this action, and the report rules don’t run (contradicting what the specification of the action says). Is this a problem in my copy of the Standard Rules, or is it a bug?

EDIT: This is really weird. The carry out and report rules are certainly in the Standard Rules extension, and defining new rules with the same names causes errors, but they aren’t in the Index and are not run.

EDIT2: A new carry out rule is run correctly, and listed in the Index. The action works with this patch:

Carry out an actor giving something to someone: abide by the standard giving rule.

Can’t reproduce:

[code]There is a room. Bob is here. Bob is a man. The player carries a MacGuffin.

The block giving rule is not listed in any rulebook.[/code]

Does a minimal example behave differently for you? Is it possible that an extension removes the report and carry out rules?

Odd. That example works for me, but the rule still doesn’t appear in the Index. I will look through the extensions I was using in the first project.